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Are you struggling just to pay your bills every month?

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy?

Are you facing a home foreclosure?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone.  Many Americans have been affected by a dwindling economy, job loss, medical issues, and divorce.  These critical life events have led to a life of financial struggle and an endless cycle of debt.  Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers are here to help get the answers you need.  If you qualify, bankruptcy may the miracle that you have been searching for recently.  We want you to know we understand exactly what you are going through.  

During these incredibly difficult, stressful, and chaotic financial times, many good, honest, and hard working people are struggling just to get by every month.  If you find yourself working harder and harder, but falling more and more behind every month, it may be time to consider getting a fresh financial start.  Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers are here to help.

Ever wonder what it might be like to NEVER pay your credit card bills again?  EVER!  This is the power of filing for personal bankruptcy.  And, it's not only your credit card bills.  If you qualify, you may be able to wipe out 100% of all of your unsecured debts.  Imagine being completely debt free in three of four months.  Stop thinking about it.  Pick up the phone and talk to one of our Snohomish County bankruptcy attorneys today.

We can make it happen.

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Talk to a Snohomish bankruptcy lawyer today!

You don’t have to face your financial crisis alone!

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.

Many of our clients usually inform us that they are scared of losing their home, cars and everything else they worked so hard for.  They have common myths and misconceptions of what bankruptcy really is.  If you feel like many of our clients, we want you to know that you are not alone.     

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers have decades of combined experience helping individuals just like you resolve their bankruptcy and financial matters in Washington State.  Our bankruptcy laws were specifically put into to place to enable people to get back on their feet after suffering financial difficulty.

Whether you lost your job, or have a hard time paying your bills, you can rest assured that our team of bankruptcy lawyers will provide you with the support, guidance and expertise you need to get through this difficult time.

Discover how filing for bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start on your finances.  Talk to an Everett bankruptcy lawyer today.  The benefits of bankruptcy are endless.  Depending on which type of bankruptcy you qualify for, you may be able to do all of the following:

  • Eliminate  100% of your qualifying debts
  • Stop wage garnishment anddebt collection harassment
  • Stop all lawsuits and repossessions
  • Reorganize your debts andpay lower monthly payments on certain installment loans
  • Stop foreclosure on your home

Your creditors want you to somehow believe that even the thought of filing for bankruptcy make you a failure or some kind of bad person.  This is absurd.  Providing that you can qualify for bankruptcy relief and protection, it is your absolute legal right to do so.  Let our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers help you to understand how it can help you can your family in numerous ways.

If you qualify, you may be able to eliminate 100% of all of your credit card bills and your past due debts.

To learn more now, call now and speak with one of our Snohomish County bankruptcy attorneys.

There are some debts that will not qualify for bankruptcy protection. 

Speak with one of our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers today to find out more about these kinds of debts.

While there are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy, it cannot alleviate every financial issue.   There are certain types of debts that are actually protected by the Bankruptcy Code.  Some of the debts that you must pay, except in very limited circumstances, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Student loans
  • Criminal fines
  • Taxes (Except in certain circumstances, which we can explain.

Call one of our skilled Everett bankruptcy lawyers now to find out how you can get a fresh start on your finances.

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Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will provide you with information on bankruptcy laws and how they affect you in Washington State.

Our Everett bankruptcy lawyers understand how frustrating and confusing it can be to file for bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy is certainly no easy task.  But we are trained professionals who have streamlined the process as much as possible. 

Our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers make filing for bankruptcy as easy as possible.  We helped hundreds of people successfully file here in Washington State every year.  In the process, we wipe out millions of dollars of debt every year.

The bankruptcy laws are in place to protect you from consumer debt and creditors.

Talk to an Everett bankruptcy attorney from our offices today to learn more.

There are many bankruptcy laws put in effect to protect you from going into further debt.  When you file for bankruptcy here are some benefits that you may receive to help you get a fresh start with your finances:

The "Automatic Stay".  Once you file for bankruptcy the automatic stay law is immediately effective.  This law protects against almost any action that creditors try to take.   It stops creditors from taking collections or repossessing any of your property.  The most common debts the Automatic Stay covers include repossessions, foreclosures, utility shut-offs, evictions, property  taxes,  payday loans, and other forms of unsecured debt.

Call now and one of our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers will explain in more detail how the automatic stay can help protect you and your family.

Modification of certain secured debts.  This type of benefit is usually available in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  It simply means you will have the ability to reorganize your debts and pay a lesser amount than the full amount originally owed to your creditors.

Protection of exempt property.  Whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to keep certain property.  

Imagine how you will feel when:

  • Creditors stop calling you and threating to send you to court
  • Collection letters are no longer filling your mailbox
  • You can get a fresh start with your finances
  • Call now to learn more about how our Everett bankruptcy lawyers can help.

Schedule a free initial case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable Everett bankruptcy attorneys today!

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The first step to a secure financial future is making the decision to learn more about your legal rights.   Our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers understand that you want to get a fresh start and look forward to a brighter financial future.  That’s why we invite you to take advantage of our free initial case evaluation to help you determine your financial goals.  During your evaluation we will examine your assets, income, and liabilities.   

Once our Snohomish County bankruptcy attorneys evaluate your income, your debts, and all of your assets, we can help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for your situation.

Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand the different types of bankruptcy.

When it comes to consumer bankruptcy, there are usually two types; Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge 100% of your qualifying debts.  These debts can include credit card payments and installment loans.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy.   This type of bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debts and agree to lower payment terms on certain types of debt without liquidating your assets.  This type of bankruptcy is usually ideal for individuals who don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Let us pre-qualify you today!

When you speak with one of our experienced Everett bankruptcy lawyers, we will give you an objective view of your situation.  This way we can help you determine if you qualify for bankruptcy.  We understand filing for bankruptcy is a long and tedious process.  

We also understand that you want to get your life back on track as soon as possible.  When you hire us as your Everett bankruptcy attorneys, we immediately prepare you for the necessary steps you need to take to file bankruptcy in Washington State.  Some of these steps include credit counseling and preparing for the means test.

Discover why so many people choose our results-oriented Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers.

While every case is unique, our experienced Everett bankruptcy lawyers have helped hundreds and hundreds of our clients throughout Washington State achieve the following:

  • Wipe out their debts
  • Keep their home
  • Improve their credit
  • Restore their hope
  • Get a fresh start on their finances

Whether you are ready to file for bankruptcy, or you just need debt relief questions answered, our bankruptcy attorneys are in your corner every step of the way.  Our Everett bankruptcy attorneys will provide you with the support, the knowledge, and the guidance to help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

Call us now to learn more about how you can get a fresh start on your financial future.

Our Snohomish County bankruptcy lawyers will help you understand your rights.

We offer low flat fees and affordable payment plans!

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